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QR Code Sample

QR Coding is coming to St Helens Park PS...

Exciting news is that staff and students here at SHPPS have begun up-skilling themselves in the creation and use of QR coding to track student progress and display student work. Over the ensuing weeks you will begin to find... Read more

Harmony Day Poster

Harmony Day

At St Helens Park Public we are lucky enough to have the wonderfully diverse community that we have. On Harmony Day, March 21st, students will be engaging in a wide range of activities that highlight and celebrate our community's... Read more

Skyworks Planetarium Logo

Skyworks Planetarium Visit

On Thursday 6th of April the Skyworks Planetarium will be visiting our school. It will be set up in the school hall and Stage 2 classes will have the opportunity to enter the wonderful world of Outer Space through this amazing 3D... Read more

With a strong emphasis on a fully rounded education, we also offer a variety of extra-curricula activities. Our dedicated staff support student learning in a caring and safe environment where students are encouraged to reach their full potential.